The Ultimate Guide to Go Go Curry: History, Menu, and Reviews

The Ultimate Guide to Go Go Curry: History, Menu, and Reviews

Go Go Curry is a popular Japanese fast food chain known for its delicious and hearty servings of katsu curry. Originating from Nagoya, Japan in 2004, the franchise has since expanded globally with locations in countries such as the United States and China. The name “Go Go Curry” is inspired by the number 5 in Japanese, which is pronounced “go”, as the founder wanted to emphasize the importance of the number 5 in their signature dish – 5 grams of curry powder, 5 grams of garlic, 5 grams of red wine, and a 5-hour cooking time.

With its flavorful and comforting katsu curry dishes, Go Go Curry has become a favorite among locals and tourists alike. The menu offers various options ranging from small to extra-large portions, allowing customers to choose the perfect size to satisfy their cravings. Whether you’re a meat lover or vegetarian, there is something for everyone at Go Go Curry. In addition to their classic katsu curries, the chain also offers sides such as korokke (croquettes) and drinks like Japanese soda to complete the meal.

One notable aspect of Go Go Curry is its competitive pricing, offering generous portions at affordable prices. Customers can enjoy a filling meal without breaking the bank, making it a popular choice for those looking for a budget-friendly dining option. The fast and efficient service at Go Go Curry ensures that customers can enjoy a quick and satisfying meal, making it a convenient choice for those with busy schedules. Whether you’re craving a classic katsu curry or looking to try something new, Go Go Curry provides a delicious and affordable dining experience for everyone to enjoy.

Why is Go Go Curry the Best Curry Restaurant in Town?

Are you looking for a delicious and satisfying meal that will tickle your taste buds? Look no further than Go Go Curry, the best curry restaurant in town. Go Go Curry offers a unique and flavorful take on traditional Japanese curry, known for its rich and hearty flavors that are sure to leave you feeling satisfied.

But what sets Go Go Curry apart from other curry restaurants? First and foremost, Go Go Curry prides itself on using only the highest quality ingredients in their dishes. From tender cuts of meat to fresh vegetables and aromatic spices, each bite is bursting with flavor and goodness.

Furthermore, Go Go Curry offers a wide range of options to cater to all dietary preferences and restrictions. Whether you are a meat lover or a vegetarian, there is something for everyone at Go Go Curry. And with customizable spice levels, you can tailor your dish to suit your taste preferences.

In addition to the delicious food, Go Go Curry also offers a cozy and welcoming atmosphere that makes it the perfect place to dine with friends and family. The friendly staff and attentive service ensure that your dining experience is always top-notch.

Overall, Go Go Curry is the best curry restaurant in town because of its commitment to quality ingredients, diverse menu options, and inviting atmosphere. So why wait? Head over to Go Go Curry today and experience the magic for yourself.

The Ultimate Guide to Go Go Curry: History, Menu, and Reviews

Go Go Curry is a popular chain of Japanese curry restaurants that originated in New York City. The first Go Go Curry location was opened in 2007 in Midtown Manhattan, and since then, it has expanded to multiple locations in the United States and Japan. The name “Go Go Curry” is a play on words, as “Go Go” is a term used in Japan to express energy and excitement, while “curry” refers to the delicious and flavorful Japanese curry dishes served at the restaurant.

History of Go Go Curry

Go Go Curry was founded by Hirokazu Yajima, a former professional baseball player from Japan. Yajima was inspired to open the restaurant after feeling nostalgic for the hearty and comforting curry dishes he enjoyed during his time in the United States. He wanted to bring the authentic flavors of Japanese curry to New York City, and Go Go Curry was born.

Menu at Go Go Curry

The menu at Go Go Curry features a variety of curry dishes, including the signature katsu curry, which consists of crispy fried pork cutlets served over a bed of steamed rice smothered in rich and savory curry sauce. Other popular menu items include the chicken katsu curry, beef curry, and vegetarian curry options. Each dish is served in generous portions, making it a favorite among both hungry diners and curry enthusiasts.

Reviews of Go Go Curry

Customers rave about the delicious curry dishes served at Go Go Curry, praising the flavorful and aromatic curry sauce, tender meat options, and perfectly cooked rice. The generous portions and affordable prices also make it a popular choice for a satisfying and budget-friendly meal in the city. Overall, Go Go Curry has garnered positive reviews for its authentic Japanese curry experience and friendly service.

What is the history of Go Go Curry?

Go Go Curry was founded in 2007 in New York City by Hirokazu Ueda, a former professional baseball player from Japan. The chain is known for its unique take on Japanese curry, inspired by the katsu curry dish popular in Japan.

What is Go Go Curry’s menu like?

Go Go Curry offers a menu centered around their signature katsu curry dish, which consists of deep-fried pork cutlet or chicken cutlet served over rice with their special curry sauce. They also offer variations of the dish with different toppings and spice levels, as well as sides like korokke (croquettes) and tonkatsu (fried pork cutlet).

What do customers have to say about Go Go Curry?

Customers of Go Go Curry often praise the restaurant for its generous portions, affordable prices, and authentic taste. Many also appreciate the casual, no-frills atmosphere of the restaurants.

Does Go Go Curry offer any vegetarian or vegan options?

While Go Go Curry’s menu is centered around meat-based dishes, they do offer a vegetarian option which substitutes the meat cutlet with a fried eggplant cutlet. However, options for vegans may be limited due to the use of animal products in their curry sauce.


Overall, Go Go Curry offers a unique dining experience that showcases the flavors of Japanese curry in a fast-casual setting. With their signature katsu curry dishes and customizable topping options, customers can enjoy a delicious and filling meal that caters to their preferences. The simple yet flavorful menu, affordable prices, and quick service make it a popular choice for those looking for a quick and satisfying meal.

Additionally, Go Go Curry’s commitment to quality ingredients and traditional Japanese cooking techniques sets them apart from other fast-food options. The emphasis on authenticity and attention to detail in their dishes resonates with customers seeking an authentic taste of Japanese cuisine. Whether you’re a curry connoisseur or looking to try something new, Go Go Curry is a must-visit spot for a delicious and convenient dining experience.